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Enlightened Energy Solutions (EES) is a Prime Efficiency Partner of PSEG Long Island. EES is built around a team of lighting efficiency experts whose specialty is reducing the cost of lighting for commercial and industrial businesses using energy-reduction strategies and new technology implementations. In today’s eco-friendly culture, Enlightened Energy Solutions helps clients take advantage of cost-reduction opportunities from utility suppliers who provide rebates and cash incentives for energy efficient upgrades.

Our team will provide a free audit and will take care of all your lighting needs from inception to installation. Our LED solutions provide energy savings, improved aesthetics, safety and reduces the maintenance costs.  Our goal is to reduce your lighting operating and maintenance costs by at least 50%.  

Our long-standing relationship with the utilities allows us to get you the best rebates and cash incentives available.  We will work closely with the utilities to take care of all necessary paper work and approvals.  We have helped our clients reduce their ROI (Return on Investments) to less than 18 months on average.

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Our Products

EES provides the most competitive and reliable LED indoor and outdoor products on the market that meet strict efficiency, quality, and lifetime guidelines from top US rating agencies (Energy Star or DLC).  We provide you with top quality materials, product warranties and superior service.  Most of our products last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours and carry a 5-year manufacturer warranty.


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LED Facts


LEDs are more efficient

With regular incandescent bulb, only 20% of the electrical energy is used for lighting with the rest wasted as heat.  CFL or “Fluorescent” bulb generates less heat than incandescent bulb but lose about 30%-40% of its brightness within a year.


LEDs reduce maintenance and replacement costs

The average incandescent lights last 800-1,500 hours and fluorescent lights around 10,000 hours, LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours representing substantial savings in both replacement and maintenance costs.


LEDs lower ROIs

The economic incentives being offered by utility companies represent an additional benefit of LED lighting and defray as much as 60% of the cost of converting your lighting.

LEDs provide many other benefits

Including: better light disbursement, high durability, high efficiency (80-90%), low voltage, noise reduction, and crisper color.



LEDs provide a better look

New LED fixtures are also a great way to remodel and give a fresh look to your property.  In short, LED lights look better, bringing down your electric bills, and help ensure an eco-friendlier environment.



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